I love being drunk. Genuinely - cannot get enough of it.

Blackouts? Check. Pass outs? Check. Strikeouts? Check. Yep, definitely got that last one licked. Anything in between, and a million moments of regret? Check. Check x 1000, motherfucker.

I’ve been to Ibiza for a week and loved it, been to Leeds University for THREE YEARS and loved it, and I’m a convert. Yep. Sold. Being drunk > Being sober.

So, Cancun in Mexico during ‘Spring Break’ has always appealed to me. I love America, I love South America, and I love their people, alcohol and sunshine. It always seemed so perfect.

And now I’m here. I’m taking ‘Nobody Listens To Silence’ global, people. I’m going to Cancun, Mexico City, New York, Seattle…Fuck, everywhere. I’m even going to Jacksonville. Anyone ever been there? Nope? Yeah, I thought so.

As I write this ‘Work’ by Rihanna plays for the umpteenth time today. This gives you a good idea of the track policy here at the 'Grand Oasis'. It’s quite interesting, actually. The ‘DJ’s’ play exactly the same songs, in exactly the same order, at exactly the same times, day after day. Literally. It's like 'Now! That's What I Call Music' meets 'Groundhog Day'.

My whole time here is actually a really good indicator of where mainstream music is at the moment. It’s fucking terrifying. Why does everyone like this shit? 

I think most people assume that when a song is heard everywhere; adverts, radio stations, TV shows, that this is because it is popular and well known. Wrong. In actual fact, the song is popular BECAUSE it’s played everywhere. It’s completely the other way around. This feat is achieved through something called ‘Payola’ where major labels (indirectly) pay radio stations in particular to play certain songs, and the ‘science’ behind it is, is that if you hear something enough times, you WILL start to like it. It’s like a musical ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Some would call it brainwashing.

Here’s where I AM genuinely going to get a bit science-y. Along my travels I read about a man called Robert Zajonc and his 1960s theory the ‘Mere Exposure Effect’. In this study, participants reported liking songs more the second or third times they heard them, and even when the individuals were not aware of any previous exposure they had encountered. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Does this mean that when an album is labeled a ‘grower’, it is simply because the earworm that is that LP has burrowed itself into your brain and got your toe tapping involuntarily? Perhaps.

Generally, I think we just have less of an idea on why we like things – in this case songs – than we think we do. Particularly in the age of social media and many, many, cognitive factors, it is very easy for the mainstream music industry to build a manufactured audience for artists they wish to promote, and that is often manipulated. I hope that’s why everyone here is dancing to Ariana Granda, anyway. That, or they’re all fucking morons.

But enough science theory. Enough. I’m going to go cannonball into the swimming pool, down some Tequilla sunrises and dance to Robin Thicke. If you can't beat 'em...

Until New York, folks!