Let's just get a couple of things straight. Firstly, 'For Crying Out Loud' - the sixth studio album from Kasabian - is a lot, lot better than the artwork. 

Secondly though, if you weren't a fan of Kasabian before, you certainly won't be after you've heard this record. The good things about Kasabian are still good and often great, while the bands limitations are still the same, too. If you thought the band were just music for football fans before, wait until you hear 'Bless This Acid House'.

The album starts strongly with ‘Ill Ray (The King)’, and sets the tone both in terms of what to expect from the album, and what we've come to expect from Kasabian broadly. ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ is up next with its super catchy melody and chorus, achieving what only really Kasabian can do THIS well, when they feature lines such as “Jibber jabber at the bargain booze” that make absolutely fuck-all sense, but still don't take away from the song itself.

Kasabian are essentially a 'singles' band, and that continues to be proven with this record. ‘TwentyFourSeven’ and ‘Good Fight’ are just filler and throwaway tracks, 'Wasted' is a little better but still weak when compared to 'Ill Ray' and 'You're In Love With A Psycho', but then we revert back to monotony with 'The Party Never Ends'. 'Come Back Kid' gets things going again, and 'Are You Looking For Action' sounds like a 'grower'. Personally, I've always really liked it whenever Kasabian have gone into dance track territory, and you can imagine AYLFA turning into an 'L.S.F' style anthem whenever played live.

Apparently - according to my iTunes -  ‘All Through The Night’, and 'Sixteen Blocks' are both songs too, but if you put a gun to my head right now I genuinely couldn't remember one single thing about them. That's more damning on them as tracks than my memory, I assure you. The previously mentioned ‘Bless This Acid House’ is arguably the the best track on the album, though, and will ultimately - in all likelihood - remain a part of the band's live setlist for years to come. 

Things wrap up with 'Put Your Life On It' (if you ever have to, it's not worth it) and that's it. Done. As an album it's probably worse than predecessor '48: 13' but it's impossible to still talk about Kasabian as an LP band. There’s enough on this album to mix up their setlist without weakening it, and at this stage I feel like that's basically a success for the band. 

'For Crying Out Loud' is a classic Kasabian record. If you were a fan before, you will remain a fan after, and if you could never see what the fuss was about in the first place, prepare to be underwhelmed this time too. 

For football fans everywhere though, rejoice; Kasabian are back.