If you have a London gig 3 - 4 weeks either side of your date with Nobody Listens To Silence (NLTS) : LIVE please let us know.

£6 online entry  // £7 OTD Subject to change

Firstly, DO NOT WORRY - We're not going to ask you to play 'Wonderwall' on your guitar. BUT we are going to have to ask you for something... All we need is a deposit of £50 from each musician. YOU WILL GET THIS BACK. The only way you'll lose 100% of this money, is if you pull out 2 weeks or less before the date of your show. Or, you know, you trash the place or something. 

Additionally, if you don't feel that you can bring a minimum of 5-6 people along on the night to watch you play, we would suggest maybe coming back to us when you can. Otherwise, you get £1 per person you bring, but if it is 6 or less, there will be no payment.

We here at NLTS couldn’t agree more with the idea that good music is the most important thing with any night, but we’re also a small, independent events brand that pays for the promotion of the night, to hire the venue, staff the venue, and everything else in between. This is our job, too, so we gotsta' think about our costs, ya know? 

Therefore if you bring 11 people, you'll get £11 + your £50 deposit back. 20 PEOPLE = £20, and so on. If you bring 20 or more people, you will get £2 per person. 30 people, £3 person etc, etc…

Strictly over 18s - This includes all musicians and those attending 


Load in from 5. Soundcheck from 5.30. If this isn't doable and you're going to be late, just holla' and let us know before the night.

Doors 7.30

Please see below for the venue’s official tech spec:


Nobody Listens To Silence will promote and advertise the gig on all social media outlets, our website itself, and promote via flyering, posters, and targeted adverts.  Artists must self promote too, though, by making their own Facebook Event for the gig and sending to all family, friends and fans! By working together we can make the whole event a huge success, and fitting of the fantastic venue.

We think that’s everything!

You must now confirm you agree to the terms and conditions via the provided booking form

Please advertise this gig as much as possible to make it a worthwhile and exciting evening for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you play on the night, it's going to be great! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.