‘Back to the Future II: What did it get right, and what did it get wrong?’ ‘Back to the Future Day 2015: Is time travel actually possible?’ ‘Back to the Future’ Brands: How Pepsi and Nike Hit Product Placement Gold’.

Doc Brown and Marty McFly are everywhere at the moment, and that is because today is ‘Back to the Future Day’. In the second film it is October 21 2015 that Marty McFly travels to in order to save his children, and there’s even an accompanying porn parody to commemorate this milestone. ‘Fap To The Future’ decides to go a different direction to the main film, replacing the D-Lorean with a ‘Dicklorean’, and with the previous version of the iconic time travelling car being deemed too boring for porn, it is now a time traveling sex machine, instead. Who’s to say which film will leave more of a legacy?

Now, never one to miss an opportunity for piggy backing onto someone else’s hype, we decided to interview someone called Joe Waghorn, here at ‘Nobody Listens To Silence’. He’s an enormous fan of the series, and we find his story a very good one. We hope you do too.

‘The first two films, I would say…I think they are perfect family films. They have everything’ Joe begins. ‘The music, in particular, used in the first film has had an affect on me ever since’.

‘I saw it [Back to the Future Part I] for the first time in 93/94, and the bit that stood out for me was Marty McFly playing Johnny B Goode on stage. That’s when I realised ‘Guitar music… – I’m gonna stick with that’. It formed my tastes, and that was the part of the film that really influenced me, music wise.’

‘It started off with me just wanting to know more about the first wave of rock ‘n’ roll in the 50’s, and how outrageous it was. It then affected my dress sense, too. The ‘Rockabilly’ style is perfect, and that’s something I took from that film. It was a huge influence’.

‘A lot of people don’t get it’ Joe continues. ‘A lot of people ask me why I’m trying to live some nostalgia I wasn’t part of, but it’s not nostalgia. It’s a passion, and it’s a lifestyle choice. I have the same nostalgia from the late to mid noughties that everyone else has. Growing up in South London, it was the era of grime, which was great. It was really fun, amusing music. At that time I skateboarded, so I didn’t wear the 50’s stuff, it was the stereotypical skateboard stuff. That’s the nostalgia I would think of, this 50’s thing is something I just identify with now. People say ‘live in the now’ though…Like I’m not!’

That’s we found so interesting about Joe; just how different he was before these influences started to take hold. You can see him in the picture attached, and the difference in styles is apparent.

So, how did this influence shape Joe’s future? ‘The lifestyle helped me creatively, it helped me move into what I do now - I’m a designer’. Getting obsessed with aesthetics and fine details [from the 50’s], I found ‘I’m all right at this, creating something aesthetic’. I feel the music I’m into and the way I dress is based on that, and it helped me a lot with coming into my own, which has been huge for me.’

‘My personality from the get-go has been to obsess over things. I’ve got a very obsessive personality. What I took from the first film is it got me into something I am now obsessed with – The records, the clothing…the digging around for cool bands.’

You can also see Joe’s Chuck Berry record in the picture. ‘This – for me – is the bible in terms of rock ‘n’ roll music. From all the guys who were putting out records in the 50’s, I always thought Chuck was ahead of his time. Side 2 starts with Johnny B. Goode, BAM - straight in. The same with Side 1, BAM - Maybellene – Timeless music.’

Joe’s enthusiasm for these films, and to see the influence they have had on him is incredibly uplifting, and it’s refreshing. It’s been thirty years since the first film, and the fact that it is still shaping people’s styles and music tastes is a legacy that surely no one could have been anticipated. Sure, we don’t have the predicted hover boards yet, but you know what? I reckon they’d just be really annoying, anyway. They would be just like that little ‘Segway Skateboard’ you can get now, and only idiots have them. That’s a fact. The porn industry can keep their ‘Dicklorean’, Joe is a perfect example of the lasting impact these films have had on generation after generation, and I for one shall raise a glass of ‘Pepsi Perfect’ to that tonight. Happy Back to the Future day, folks!