So, who remembers 2005?

It was a mixed year, to say the least. Sure, we got 'Batman Begins', but we also got 'Cheaper By The Dozen 2'. SURE, we got Coldplay's 'X&Y', but we also got 'All The Right Reasons' by Nickelback. Manchester City actually PAID MONEY for Darius Vassell, too. Can you believe that?! In many ways, 2005 seems much, much longer ago than the 11 years that it actually was. 

But in the inescapably sweaty Oval Space, Hackney, you could be forgiven for thinking it was just last week. The Cribs - for one night only - are playing a gig that is built up almost entirely of songs from their 2004 self-titled debut and 2005's 'The New Fellas', and London is lapping it up. 

The set starts in glorious, raucous fashion with 'Mirror Kissers' that sends the crowd into a frenzy of mindless shoving, dancing, singing and everything else in between. Fan favourite 'You're Gonna Lose Us' follows soon after, and an acoustic 'It Was Only Love' also comes early.

The whole gig was a pretty incredible experience, I have to say. The ferociousness of the crowd when The Cribs first started playing gave me genuine goosebumps, and the love everyone there felt for this early work from - in my opinion - one of the most brutally underrated bands of recent times carried the whole gig in it's beery ocean of goodwill. 

B-Sides such as 'To Jackson' and 'I'm Still Blaming You' get a rare airing too, before 'Another Number' and 'Hey Scenesters!' predictably lead to absolute pandemonium that could likely be felt throughout the whole of London. 


But although tonight is a night indebted to the joy of their early glories, it only works so well because The Cribs are still SO goddamn important in 2016, too. Unlike MSN and Myspace, The Cribs are just as relevant now as in 2005, and as excellent as those first two albums were all those years ago, there is still a thirst for new material from the Wakefield trio too.

Tonight, in front of 800 sweaty, exhausted but elated fans, The Cribs taught us how to treasure the past, remember it fondly, but also get us chomping at the fucking bit for the future too. Bring it on.


Mirror Kissers


I’m Alright Me

You’re Gonna Lose Us

Lights Went Out

It Was Only Love

Things You Should Be Knowing

You Were Always The One


Saturday Night Facts Of Life

We Can No Longer Cheat You

I’m Still Blaming You

What About Me?

To Jackson

Hey Scenesters!

Another Number

The Wrong Way To Be